Academic Officers

Ester A. Garcia, PhD

President and Chief Academic Officer

Gemiliano DL. Aligui, MD, MPH, PhD

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Jennifer M. Nailes, MD, MSPH

Vice President for Research

Milagros B. Rabe, MD, MS, PhD

Dean, Graduate School

Norbert Lingling D. Uy, MD, MEM

Dean, College of Medicine

Belinda M. Capistrano, RN, MAN

Dean, College of Nursing

Raquel S. Cabazor, PTRP, MD, MSPH

Dean, College of Allied Rehabilitation Sciences

Benida A. Fontanilla, RMT, MD, MBA, MSTM 

Dean, College of Medical Technology

Suzette M. Mendoza, MD, MHSE

College Secretary, Graduate School

Vinna Marie T. Quiñones, MD

College Secretary, College of Medicine

Jocelyn M. Molo, RN, MPH

College Secretary, College of Nursing

Esther Melody R. Nicolas, PTRP, MAEd

College Secretary, College of Allied Rehabilitation Sciences

Marlyn L. Vicerra, RMT, MSBIO

College Secretary, College of Medical Technology

Imelda L. Delos Reyes, MEM

University Registrar

Jose Ronilo G. Juangco, MD, MPH

Director, Community Extension & Social Action Unit

Clive Alvyn N. Ocon, LPT, PhD

Director, Office of Student Affairs

Ma. Juliana N. Gasmen, RL, MLIS

Chief Librarian

Cristina M. Ejercito

Admissions Head

Cristine G. Bautista, MS, RPm, RGC

Senior Guidance Counselor