UERM Memorial Hospital

The UERM Memorial Hospital is a health facility, which opened in 1957 to serve as the clinical laboratory for the Colleges of Medicine and Nursing and subsequently the College of Physical Therapy. The Hospital has earned the same high reputation and prestige that UERMMMC medical professors and UERMMMC College of Medicine graduates have earned in the field of medical practice and in the government medical board examinations. The UERMMMC Hospital is where, being a Teaching Hospital, UERMMMC students gain experience through direct contact with patients; and it is where, as a Pay Hospital, the College of Medicine professors treat their own patients. The Hospital also provides rich clinical experience to interns, nursing students and physical therapy students on the basis of the diversity of clinical cases, the competence of the health care professionals and the modern facilities. As a topnotch hospital, it is well-known not only locally but also internationally.

The UERMMMC Hospital provides quality patient care by practicing rational medical economics to tailor its medical services to the needs of individual patients. In this way, patients are spared the discomfort of undergoing unnecessary procedures and gain the dual benefits of quality care and value for money. The UERMMMC Hospital community believes that its brand of quality patient care and personalized service represents the height of medical practice. It has served hundreds of thousands of patients in the last four and a half decades, and has produced hundreds of specialists, with many becoming leaders in the different fields of services.

Relevant statistics from the Hospital operations include:

Average Admissions per year:
Pay Hospital (Private): 5,426
Teaching Hospital (Charity): 4,104
Average Occupancy Rate: 90%

Average Surgeries per year:
Major: 1,625
Minor: 1,577

Average Deliveries per year: 951

Average Emergency Department patients: 18,000 per year

Average Ambulatory patients (OPD): 37,503 per year

The Medical Staff: A total of 300 fully certified medical specialists of their respective specialty and subspecialty societies comprise the medical staff of the Hospital. Each specialty or subspecialty is appropriately represented:

Internal Medicine: Cardiology; Pulmonology; Gastroenterology; Nephrology; Infectious Diseases; Hematology; Oncology; Diabetology; Endocrinology; Rheumatology; Psychiatry

Surgery: General Surgery; Orthopedics; Plastic Surgery; Urology; Thoracic Surgery; Obstetrics & Gynecology; Ophthalmology; Otorhinolaryngology; Radiology; Pediatrics; Rehabilitation Medicine; Neurology ; Neurosurgery

Ancillary services: Pathology (clinical, surgical and cytology), Radiology, Pharmacy, Blood Bank, Cardiopulmonary Laboratory, Respiratory Therapy, GIT-liver Study Unit, Endoscopy Unit, Neurophysiology Laboratory (EEG), Audiology and Industrial Medicine.