Departments of the College of Medicine

Department of Anatomy

  • Upgraded multi-media teaching of gross anatomy, histology & neuroanatomy
  • Digital microscopes with built-in camera for micro-slide projections
  • Electronic microscopes for student use in histology
  • Cadavers and brains for dissections
  • Laboratory manual integrated gross anatomy with histology
  • Laboratory designed for self-directed learning in anatomy
  • Dynamic faculty staff who are trained to teach both Gross Anatomy, Histology, and Neuroanatomy: a rare attribute

1956–1957 Jose M. Cuyegkeng, M.D. (acting)
1957–1962 Fidel Cuajunco, M.D.
1962–1973 Catalino C. Daroy. M.D.
1973–1976 Rosario Cerdena, M.D. (Officer In Charge)
1976–1986 Esperanza C. Lansang. M.D.
1986–1991 Natividad Salazar, M.D.
1991–1992 Adelia M. Quijano, M.D.
1992–1997 Esperanza C. Lansang, M.D.
1997–2000 Adelia M. Quijano, M.D.
2000–2002 Raul M. Quillamor, M.D.
2002–2004 Idelfa S. Elevazo, M.D.
2004–2006 Rita Rosario A. Catly, M.D.
2006–2008 Adelia M. Quijano, M.D.
2008–2010 Ma. Cristina S. Elma, M.D.
2010–present Luis Emmanuel O. Esguerra, M.D.

Department of Anatomy
Luis Emmanuel O. Esguerra - Head Ma. Cristina S. Elma
Adelia M. Quijano Melissa C. Calilao
Idelfa S. Elevazo Pierette Y. Kaw
Imelda D. Rivera Maj-Maj C. Deriada
Marivic Conchita V. Bustos Alexandria R. Bayaoa

Department of Biochemistry

  • 1968 – Establishment of department with a grant from the China Medical Board of New York and the US Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • Faculty are committed to teaching biochemistry with clinical applications

1956–1958 Wenceslao Pascual, M.D.
1958–1964 Juan Salcedo, M.D.
1965–1972 Elena E. Icayan, M.D.
1972–1986 Patria V. Rivera, M.D.
1986–2001 Lydia P. Tanseco, M.D.
2001–2006 Floro B. Madarcos, M.D.
2006–2009 Suzette M. Mendoza, M.D.
2009–present Ma. Milagros U. Magat , M.D.

Department of Biochemistry
Ma. Milagros U. Magat – Head Marivic A. Villamor
Agnes A. Alba Suzette M. Mendoza
Maria Lilia T. Reyes Lourdes L. Balcueva


Department of Physiology

  • Merged with the Department of Biochemistry from 1956-1964 and with the Department of Pharmacology in 1967–68 and in 72–73
  • Organized as a separate department in 1964
  • Faculty Members in the Department have high academic preparations to teach

1958–62 Dr. Marciano Panis
1962–63 Dr. Juan Salcedo
1963–64 Dr. Wenceslao Pascual
1964–67 Dr. Marciano Panis
1967–68 Dr. Elena Ines–Cuyegkeng
1968–72 Dr. Marciano Panis
1972–73 Dr. Elena Ines–Cuyegkeng
1973–80 Dr. Marciano Panis
1980–81 Dr. Clarita Z. Zaballero
1981–86 Dr. Rolinda Alcazaren
1986–92 Dr. Edmee Y. Martinez
1992–93 Dr. Joven Cuanang
1993–96 Dr. Juliet Ver–Bareng
1996–2000 Dr. Carolina C. Jerez
2000–2002 Dr. Florina F. Estrada
2002–2010 Dr. Juliet Ver–Bareng
2010–present Dr. Milagros B. Rabe

Department of Physiology
Milagros B. Rabe – Head Juliet Ver-Bareng
Rochelle C. Valera Carolina C. Jerez
Elinor G. Bartolome Lana Jomi H. Alcon
Ma. Theresa G. Cacas  


Department of Pharmacology

  • 1957 – Establishment of the Department
  • 1977–83 – Department was merged with Physiology
  • 1990 – Alternative and Complementary modalities in Medicine was taught in Pharmacology; Student research was started
  • 1995 – Problem Based Learning was used as strategy for case discussion in Pharmacology course
  • 1998 – The innovative curriculum included Pharmacology in all modules from second to third year
  • 2002– The Bi-annual Dr. Romulo P. Guevarra Sr. Memorial lecture in Pharmacology and Research was started in honor of the Department’s first chair
  • A department of trail-blazing pharmacologists, educators who are oriented to student welfare and to physicians who value research

1957–1965 Dr. Romulo P. Guevarra, Sr.
1965–1972 Dr. Elena Ines-Cuyegkeng
1972–1974 Dr. Jose Villalobos
1974–1977 Dr. Rosabella Yap-Topacio
1977–1980 Dr. Marciano Panis, Jr.
1979–1981 Dr. Clarita Z. Zabellero
1981–1983 Dr. Rolinda G. Alcazaren
1983–1988 Dr. Alfaretta Luisa T. Reyes
1988–1989 Dr. Ruth B. Medel (OIC)
1989–1990 Dr. Ruth B. Medel (Chair)
Jun–Oct 1990 Dr. Ma. Luisa D. Dela Cruz
Nov1990–1998 Dr. Alfaretta Luisa T. Reyes
1998–2004 Dr. Maria Petrina S. Zotomayor
2004–2010 Dr. Ronaldo Marcelo G. Macaraig
2010–present Dr. Ma. Angeles G. Marbella

Department Pharmacology
Ma. Angeles G. Marbella – Head Alfaretta Luisa T. Reyes
Ma. Henrietta Teresa O. dela Cruz Ma. Petrina S. Zotomayor
Glenn V. Guevara Ronaldo Marcelo G. Macaraig
Maria Paz S. Garcia Lynn de Leon-Rivadillo


Department of Pathology

  • 1957 – Establishment of the Department under Dr. Jose M. Cuyegkeng
  • 1981 – Establishment of Residency Training Program in Anatomic Pathology
  • 1983 – Problem Based Learning strategy was used in teaching pathology integrated with pharmacology
  • 1989 – Establishment of Residency Training in Clinical Pathology
  • 1997 – Innovative curriculum was used, pathology was integrated in all organ systems taught in second and third years
  • 2006 – Strengthening of some aspects of the curriculum to make it more congruent to the board exams

1957–1969 Jose M. Cuyegkeng, M.D.
1969–1976 Restituto G. Nocum, M.D.
1976–1982 Angelina T. Tantengco, M.D.
1982–83, 1996-98 Domingo R. Paulino, M.D.
1983–1986 Fernando S. Sachez, Jr. M.D.
1986–1987 Domingo R. Paulino, M.D.
1987–1991 Joselli Rueda-Cu, M.D.
1991–1996 Angelina T. Tantengco, M.D.
1996-1998 Domingo R. Paulino, M.D.
1998–2001 Teresita P. Bailon, M.D.
2001–2003 Janet L. Dy, M.D.
2003–2008 Tomasino D. Padla, Jr., M.D.
2008–present Araceli P. Jacoba, M.D.

Department Pathology
Araceli P. Jacoba – Head Tomasino D. Padla, Jr.
Janet L. Dy Joselli Rueda-Cu
Ma. Lourdes A. Tilbe Teresita P. Bailon
Ma. Josefa D. Mesina Socorro C. Yanez


Department of Microbiology and Parasitology

  • 1956 – Establishment of the section of Microbiology under the Department of Pathology
  • 1970 – Establishment of the Department initially named as Department of Microbiology and Immunology
  • 1978 – Merging of the Department with Pathology
  • 1987– Re–emergence of the Department separate from Pathology, now named as Department of Microbiology and Parasitology
  • Faculty with post–graduate training in the microbiology, tropical medicine and immunology obtained Abroad.

1956–1969 Jose M. Cuyegkeng, M.D.
1970–1973 Benjamin Limson, M.D.
1975–1976 Francis E. Ongchua, M.D. (Acting)
1978–1987 Angelina T. Tantengco, M.D.
1987–1995 Teresa L. Yap, M.D.
1995–Aug 1997 Eleanor P. Padla, Ph.D.
Sept 1997–present Disraeli V. Europa, M.D.

Department of Microbiology and Parasitology
Disraeli V. Europa – Head Teresa S. Ludovice-Yap
Benida A. Fontanilla Margarita V. Eduardo
Arlene L. Santos Eric Constantine G. Valera


Department of Preventive and Community Medicine

  • 1958 – Establishment of Department
  • 1964 – Preventive Medicine taught from first to fourth year; Epidemiology course is strengthened
  • 1968 – Exposure of students to Rural Reconstruction
  • 1970 – Establishment of extramural Community health Program; inclusion of community medicine in clinical clerkship
  • 1981 – Establishment of Community Based Health Programs, Primary Health Care was taught
  • 1982 – Problem Based Learning Strategy was used in Teaching
  • 1988 – Research Methods was taught
  • The only department which has produced 3 deans among its faculty members
  • 2004 – The Medical Center, through the department’s efforts, became a Master Tubercolosis Educational Awardee.
  • 2005 – The department spearheaded the creation of a program for the urban community as part of the social accountability mission of the college.
  • 2006– A separate course called Disease Prevention and Control was added

1958–1961 Romeo Y. Atienza, M.D.
1961–-1964 Alejandra Paz-Garcia, M.D. (OIC)
1964–1975 Presentacion C. Peralta, M.D.
1975–1976 Fernando S. Sanchez, Jr., M.D., M.P.H.
1976–1983 Presentacion C. Peralta, M.D.
1983–1986 Fernando S. Sanchez, Jr., M.D.
1987–1995 Cristina A. Canbantog, M.D.
1995–2002 Georgina T. Paredes, M.D., M.P.H.
2002–2005 Joseph Antonio Molina, M.D.
2005–2006 Jennifer M. Nailes, M.D. (Acting Head)
2006–present Jennifer M. Nailes, M.D.

Department of Preventive and Community Medicine
Jennifer M. Nailes – Head Georgina T. Paredes
Niño Dal M. Dayanghirang Grace Encelan-Brizuela
Franciosa Luningning G. Gavino Edith M. Regalado
Jose Ronilo G. Juanco Ramon Jason M. Javier


Department of Medical Humanities

  • 1992 – The Department was established to coordinate Human Life Cycle, History of Medicine, Perspectives in Medicine, Bioethics, and Legal Medicine
  • 1998 – Special Topics was added to the medical curriculum under the department
  • 2002 – Junior Intern rotations at the PNP–Crime Laboratory for hands-on experience with medico-legal autopsies and cases was started
  • 2003 – Workshops in Palliative Medicine were started
  • 2005 – Seminar–workshop on End of Life Issues was given by Dr. Benjamin Rigor
  • 2006 – Policies/ guidelines for End of Life issues were thoroughly discussed in the Department of Medicine with the different sectors represented (Bioethics/ Legal/ Religious Priest/ Palliative care)

1992 to present Dr. Natividad A. Salazar

Department of Medical Humanities
Natividad A. Salazar - Head Ma. Cristina S. Sombilon
Sheila R. Yap Vinna Marie T. Quinones