Barkada Kontra Droga

The College of Nursing requested for an illegal drug use prevention and awareness seminar as part of their activities in their sportfest week. The Guidance and Counseling Office in collaboration with Dangerous Drugs Board organized a seminar entitled “Barkada Kontra Droga”, March 2, 2017. The objective of this seminar is to: (1) evaluate students’ knowledge about the drug use and on government efforts to fight drugs. (2) strengthen student’s awareness of the different government efforts to address the drug problem (3) to determine the ill effects of drug abuse and educate the students on the legal aspect of drug use. The speakers who enlightened the attendees about the effects of drugs and the comprehensive dangerous drugs act are Ms. Liane Angelica Kalacas who is an Administrative Office IV of the Dangerous Drug Board while Atty. Philip Josef Vera Cruz is the officer -in-charge of the Dangerous Drugs Board Secretariat and Dr. Susan Gregorio, a Medical Specialist IV in Department of Health, Argao Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment Center.


The seminar started with invocation and national anthem.




Dean Belinda Capistrano of the College of Nursing gave her opening remarks about drug abuse.


A student expressed his idea about the cause and effect of drugs.  


Ms. Liane Angelica Kalacas encouraged the students to participate in the different programs of the Dangerous Drugs Board.


Students are engaged in the discussion about the effects of drugs.                                                                        


Atty. Philip Josef Vera Cruz discussed the RA 9165, otherwise known as the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1972.


Dr. Susan Gregorio sought the opinion of a student about the possible reasons why adolescents have the highest rate of drug use.


Awarding of certificates of appreciation with Ms. Cristine Bautista , Atty. Philip Josef Vera Cruz, Ms. Liane Angelica Kalacas, Dr, Susan Gregorio, Dr. Gemiliano Aligui and Dean Belinda Capistrano.


Ms. Cristine Baustista, the university Senior Guidance Counselor, with Atty. Philip Josef Vera Cruz.